The Barrhaven Tennis Club is now closed for the 2023 season!  

Thank you to all our members for another successful tennis season.

A big thanks to the group of member volunteers who helped clean the courts, take down the wind screens, stored the benches and brought down the nets, with their hard work we were able to close up the club successfully

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for November 12th over Zoom. Keep an eye out for the Zoom Link and agenda. 

We’ll also be sending out a year-end survey. We would be greatly appreciate your feedback as we start preparing for the 2024 Season. 
Finally, we would like to remind the membership that Barrhaven Tennis Club is a volunteer-run organization. We are ALWAYS looking for folks to help out throughout the year.  If you have any ideas on improvements, or wished for something new,  please respond to this email or reach out to any one of the Executive members.
See you all in 2024!
Your Barrhaven Tennis Club Executive . 


We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:  

(Executive) Manager – Projects, Facilities and Maintenance

(Non-Executive) Managing the club’s IED: The person would arrange for the acquisition of an onsite defibrillatorand coordinate training for staff.

If you enjoy working with other people and you are a good communicator, you will find these volunteer positions very rewarding. You will also contribute to making the Barrhaven Tennis Club a better tennis organization. Not sure if the open Executive Board roles are for you, but you still would like to help out in some way? Please reach out to us and let us know. Note: If you are new to the club or unsure of what you can offer please still consider reaching out… we are member run tennis club for the enjoyment of all members. Contact:

We hope to see you on the courts this year!

Your Barrhaven Tennis Club Executive


Click here to register online for your 2023 BTC Membership!
Click to register online for your 2023 BTC Membership!


2023 Regular Rates

2023 Regular Membership Rates

Book a court online – Coming Soon!

Members can book a court online up to 48 hours in advance. No back to back reservations should be made. 
You can now register online.  Click on the icon to book your court for the next day!
Click to book your court online.

Lessons and Camps

All lessons and camps are provided by the National Tennis School, for more information click below:

Lessons from the National Tennis School. Click here for more information.
Click here for more information about tennis lessons and summer camps from the National Tennis School!

Phil LeBlanc Memorial Tournament

Home of the 2018 PLMT, July 18-29
Home of the 2023 PLMT starting  July 18-30