Update! Spring Clean Up on Friday April 28, 2023

The weather forecast does not look promising for this weekend’s scheduled spring clean-up.  In an effort to jumpstart the process, two members of the Executive will be at the club on Friday, April 28, from 10:00-2:00 to put up some nets and – time permitting – start installing wind screens.  

If you happen to be retired and with a bit of free time on your hands, or lucky enough to have the day off on Friday, I hope you can join us – even if you are free only for an hour or two.    

If you have a ladder, please bring it with you. They are essential for installing the top level of the windscreens.  

If you are more inclined to stay closer to the ground, there are lots of leaves to pick up, twist ties to attach to the bottom of the windscreens, and various other tasks to complete. 

If we have a good turnout, we can go a long way in getting the club ready on Friday. 

Thank you, 

Your Barrhaven Tennis Club Executi