Adult and Junior Ladders

Now in its fourth year, the Adult Challenge Ladder has never been more competitive!  To access the ladder, click on the link below to log in and make your next challenge!


Click here to log into the Open Tennis World Ladder!

Top 10 Standings (As of August 1st)

1) Yolito Mendoza

2) Jon Trudel

3) Dave McAleer

4) Paul Fischer

5) Duc Vuong

6) Antoine Bujold-Roux

7) Phong Co

8) Weiyi Lu

9) Richard Tangalin

10) Rob Griffioen

 Who says adults get all the fun?  This year juniors get their own Challenge Ladder!  Beginning July 2nd juniors can challenge their friends to fun matches!

Click here to view the junior ladder!

Click here to view the junior ladder!