Exciting Volunteer Opportunities – Update March 2024

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As you know, the Executive of the Barrhaven Tennis Club (BTC) is comprised entirely of unpaid adult volunteers. 

We are one of the largest public tennis facilities in Ottawa, with eight lighted plexipave courts for day and night enjoyment. Membership has exceeded 450 members in recent years. The club offers programs to suit everyone’s tennis needs, level and age, including junior programs, social tennis nights, house leagues, competitive leagues, tournaments and special social events. In addition, the club hosts various children’s camps throughout the summer. The club can only operate effectively with a vibrant and engaged executive.  

The Club is always looking to add to its existing group. You might have the perfect skill set to help us.  

If you enjoy working with other people and you are a good communicator, you will find these volunteer positions very rewarding. You will also contribute to making the Barrhaven Tennis Club a better tennis organization. Not sure if the open Executive Board roles are for you, but you still would like to help out in some way? Please reach out to us and let us know. Note: If you are new to the club or unsure of what you can offer please still consider reaching out… we are member run tennis club for the enjoyment of all members. Contact: barrhaventennisclub@gmail.com     

Update March, 2024

 It is the policy of the current BTC executive that members of the Executive are eligible for free memberships.   

We are currently looking for volunteers:   

Open Positions


(Executive) Manager – Projects, Facilities and Maintenance    

Job description

The Projects, Facilities and Maintenance Manager is responsible for taking the lead in the following activities:

  • Coordinate various projects, such as access to the courts, court resurfacing, etc;
  • Ensure that the nets and wind screens are in proper working order and that the courts are safe for play;
  • Liaise with City of Ottawa officials as required for tree pruning, replacement of court lights, fence repairs, and various joint projects;
  • Conduct small repairs of nets, screens, club house, and shed;
  • Attend BTC meetings; (The Executive meets on average four times a year.)
  • Ensure that the Club has sufficient volunteers to conduct the spring clean-up – which includes mounting the windscreens, installing the nets, and cleaning the grounds – and to close the club in the fall;
  • Work with the Club’s Operations manager to ensure that the courts are clean throughout the summer. (This might require hiring someone to do monthly whipper-sniping around the courts during the tennis season.);
  • Arrange for the club to purchase supplies such as garbage bags and cleaning products for the Club House.
  • Support the Executive in promoting the club and the sport of tennis.

Director of Programming and Volunteering (see our information package on our website for more information on our programs)   

The BTC offers a number of programs. Some of them are provided by paid NTS staff (e.g. stroke of the week), others are run entirely by volunteers (e.g. the house league coordinator and the four captains, the junior Sunday school drop-in, Saturday round-robins), while finally others are made possible by a mix of paid and volunteer staff (e.g. junior after-school program and ladies’ nights”). The Club also rely on volunteers for their spring and fall clean-up and to help to run special events, including the Phil LeBlanc Memorial Tournament (PLMT) and Ontario Tennis Association tournaments. These events are most successful when they are supported by a large group of volunteers.

The Director of Programming and Volunteering will be responsible for the following: 

  1. make sure the club has proper staff (volunteer and paid as appropriate) to run our existing BTC programs, spring and fall cleanup, and various BTC special events such as the Phil LeBlanc Memorial Tournament);  
  2. recommend new programs for the BTC;    
  3. update before the beginning of each year the program information in the information booklet.  

Maintaining our booking system      

This person will coordinate court bookings for BTC events, as well as bookings for instructors of the National Tennis School and local high schools.     

This work can be done primarily from home.   

Experience working with a booking system would be an asset, but it is not essential. 


Manage AED onsite defibrillator 

The person will be responsible for securing an AED for the club; arranging for training for those who are interested in in learning how to use it; and making sure it is in proper running order.  

By assuming one of these volunteer positions, you will contribute to making the Barrhaven Tennis Club a better tennis organization. You will also get to work with a vibrant and engaged Executive. 

Your Barrhaven Tennis Club Executive Barrhaven Tennis Club