Junior Tournament – June 3-5

The Barrhaven Tennis Club will be hosting a four-star OTA-sanctioned junior tournament this coming weekend, June 3-5, featuring U16 boys from around Ontario, including singles and doubles. The Club will take the opportunity to showcase some of the Club’s rising junior stars, including Alex Gerber and Lior Waldman.  I invite you all to attend this exciting event. 

The tournament is an important revenue-generating event for the Club. 

Matches will begin on Friday afternoon. We have made every effort to schedule as many of the matches during non-prime time, that is Friday evening, and the afternoons and evenings of Saturday and Sunday.  

You can access the schedule and scores at  https://ota.tournamentsoftware.com/tournament/DA6FA4B7-9892-4948-8AE0-6B6391892C90

Good luck to all participants!