Phil LeBlanc Memorial Tournament (PLMT)

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A big thank you to all those who turned out Saturday night for the PLMT BBQ.  We were treated to a great exhibition match between Vlad Pirusca and Alex Lungu, fantastic food from Loblaws and many smiling faces who went home with some great prizes!

Phil LeBlanc Memorial Tournament (PLMT) Raffle Tickets for Sale and Reminder of T-Shirt Orders

I am happy to announce that you can now begin purchasing raffle tickets!  Raffle tickets will be on sale leading up to and during the tournament culminating in the announcement of the winners following the championship matches on July 25th (you don’t have to be in attendance to win a prize).

Here is the list of prizes this year:

  • Two sets of four tickets to an Ottawa Senators game during the 2022-2023 season
  • Three Montana’s gift packages including a $25 gift certificate
  • $200 gift certificate to Le Nordik Spa
  • $200 gift card from Home Depot
  • Two Gift Packages from Milestone’s and Kelsey’s amounting to $100 in gift certificates
  • Two $50 gift certificates from The Keg
  • $100 gift card from Winners and Home Sense

Should we receive any additional raffle prizes between now and the tournament I will send an updated e-mail.

The cost to purchase tickets is $5 for 3 tickets and $10 for 8 tickets.  Tickets can either be purchased via e-transfer to or can be purchased at the tennis club once the tennis tournament has begun.

In addition, just a friendly reminder that the deadline to purchase PLMT t-shirts is Saturday, June 25th.  The cost is $15 and they come in all sizes for adults and kids.

All funds received throughout the tournament will be donated to the Phil LeBlanc Memorial Fund. The interest earned from the endowment fund on an annual basis goes towards the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program to ensure that kids of all ages, including those from families less fortunate, can continue to participate in sports activities in the Ottawa region.
Please let me know if you require any additional information.  Cannot wait for the tournament to begin!

Patrick LeBlanc
Tournament Coordinator